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Tommy Street Show 

Radio / Music is a passion that transends time. Through fun radio years, thousands of songs, hundreds of artist interviews, concerts I've either MC'd or brought listeners back stage for meet and greets, and oh ---- I can't forget about the many wet t-shirt contest (oooh la la) I've hosted or judged, I still wake up each morning with a passion for radio. I feel blessed to be able to do what I love. Can't do it without the wonderful listners who make Radio happen!

You can check out the "Tommy Street Show" weekday mornings on Kool 1047 FM from 7 am &  9 am, and Afternoons on The Fort 94.5 from 4 pm & 6 pm. 

Be sure to give me a call to hear your favorite song, or to win any one of the great prizes that Kool 104.7 gives away each weekday morning. Outside of radio, I really enjoy spending time playing golf, producing music, and hanging with friends and my 2 dogs. 
(Tommy w/ Daren Bob (5 News) &  Denise "Lady D" Messamore.)

Thanks so much for listening. In the meantime, save a life by adopting a homeless pet today --->> SBHS!


Scott  Walker
5-7 am 


Tommy Street
7-9 am


Tim Morrison 
9 am-2 pm


Becky Shock
2 pm - 7 pm


Jay Fox 
7 pm - Mid


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